Build a long lasting profitable relationship with your
supplier using a Manufacturing Agreement template.

When you’re getting a product made in China, the last thing you want is any misunderstanding about requirements and responsibilities of all parties.

A Manufacturing Agreement will act as an ‘umbrella’ agreement with your supplier, outlining all aspects of the process to ensure consistent results and reduce the risk of any misunderstandings in the future.

For the first time ever, ChinaDirect Sourcing is releasing its very own Manufacturing Agreement template that safeguards your interests when importing from China.

Here are just some of the issues addressed in ChinaDirect’s Manufacturing Agreement template:

Now, you could hire a solicitor or lawyer to write up an agreement like this IF you had thousands of dollars to spare for their fees AND IF you could find one who specialises in International Trade with China.


When you can purchase your very own Manufacturing Agreement template to use over and over again.

That’s right! ChinaDirect’s Manufacturing Agreement template is a once only investment.

When you purchase your Agreement you’ll receive the Manufacturing Agreement template delivered in Word format so that it can be easily customised to your particular project requirements.

We also include the Chinese translation within the Agreement to ensure no misunderstandings.


A BONUS FREE PDF version of the Agreement so that you always have the original on hand.

How much would you expect to pay for such vital business protection?

Remember, this is your business we’re talking about—you can’t afford NOT to protect it.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a lawyer who may or may not understand the ins and outs of dealing with China, you can have your very own fully customisable Manufacturing Agreement that you can use over and over again for the once only investment of $997 AUD!