Importing From China

Importing From China

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How long does it take to import from China?

The import process time frame is variable and the following is a guideline for a proven process to ensure the right product is delivered on time and at the agreed price.

Stage Actions Deliverables Time
1. Research & Tender
  • Research, locate and qualify suitable suppliers for the product
  • Prepare Requests For Quote
  • Contact suppliers
  • Obtain quotes and evaluate offers
  • Shortlist appropriate suppliers
  • Prepare reports
  • Supplier Summary report
  • Quote Comparison report
  • Landed Investment Analysis report
  • All email correspondence: ChinaDirect and suppliers

4 weeks
2a. Sampling
  • Send your samples to suppliers
  • Arrange samples
  • Send supplier samples to you
  • Samples from selected suppliers

3 + weeks
2b. Purchase Order Negotiation
  • Negotiate price, terms and conditions with the final supplier for purchase order
  • Arrange branding (if any)
  • Draft purchase order
  • Best possible price, terms and conditions
  • Brand on product
  • Purchase order drafted for your approval

1 - 2 weeks
3. Production & Delivery Management
  • Place purchase order
  • Arrange supplier payment
  • Monitor purchase order progress
  • Supplier Self Assessment
  • Organize delivery
  • Organize customs clearance
  • Order placed for you
  • Supplier Self Assessment report
  • Products arrive at your door

4 - 8 wks

Ship: 3 wks

1 week

Local del:
3 days

The timings above are realistic, although projects can be quicker, sometimes longer, particularly if the product requires custom manufacturing.

Generally you should allow 4 months from starting your project to receiving your goods.

ChinaDirect Sourcing Import System

To get you quickly and safely through the process, use our DVD set to step you through the process, and avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Import From China DVD
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'Import From China - How to Make a Million... and not get Burnt!' 2 x DVD set is a valuable companion to the eBook, particularly if you're more of a visual person.

In these instructional DVDs, the secrets to excel in the game of importing are revealed.

The unique methodology was developed by Lindy Chen during 10 years working in China, and another six in Australia.

That "methodology" is the ChinaDirect Sourcing Import System.

In these DVDs, Lindy lays the foundation for import success; from research and tendering your product, right through to delivery to your door.

It includes 2 x DVDs plus a bonus workbook to follow the DVDs step by step.

There you have it; The ChinaDirect Sourcing system, and a video presentation to help make your importing dreams a reality.

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