Importing From China

Importing From China

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Do I need to give my Chinese supplier a sample or prototype?

If you can give your supplier a sample or prototype of your desired item, it will greatly increase the chances of receiving what you want.

Just give a sample to your shortlisted top 1 to 3 suppliers, not to everyone you request a quote from.

Samples Getting a prototype made can require a lot of 'back and forth' before you get what you want.

It's therefore generally quicker and easier to have a prototype made locally, not in China.

Then you can send the prototype to China, and they can do what they're best at... copy it!

Some people think their Chinese supplier will come back to them with suggested improvements, but this rarely happens.

The Chinese are not known for their creativity and free thought - they will just produce what you tell them to produce.

So, whilst it's not critical you give your supplier a sample or prototype (and sometimes it's just not practical to), it will increase the chances of your final product being produced to your standard.

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